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Love Tex-Mex food and can’t get enough? You want to experience that great taste more often, but you’re just not sure how to do so? Read on to find out four simple things you can do to get more Tex-Mex cuisine in your life.

Dallas Tex Mex food

  1. Have Tex-Mex for breakfast.

Try migas for breakfast. These are tasty dishes of scrambled eggs with tortilla chips, onions, chili peppers, and tomatoes. Or how about a fried egg perched atop some cheese enchiladas? Or you may want to try barbacoa, tender shreds of beef stuffed into a breakfast taco.

If you are more in the mood for soup, there is always menudo, which is another Tex-Mex breakfast staple.

Another breakfast dish is machaca, which is dried, shredded beef with tortillas.

  1. Have Tex Mex for snacks.

One great Tex-Mex snack that goes great while you’re watching any sporting event is skirt steak fajitas with grilled cabbage and scallions. Or maybe you’re more in the mood for dried chile salsa? You might also like to snack on creamy queso with chorizo. And here’s a snack that surely beats potato chips – celery-spiked guacamole with chilies.

  1. Have Tex -Mex for dessert.

If you like cinnamon, you will love Tex-Mex desserts, because cinnamon is a mainstay of these confections. Maybe you would like to try Mexican wedding cookies, made with powdered sugar and vanilla. Then there is Montezuma’s hot chocolate sheet cake. This one is loaded with sweet stuff, everything from brown sugar and cinnamon, to cocoa and vanilla, along with other treats such as almonds, hazelnuts, anise, chili powder, and Cayenne pepper.

If you are in the mood for something a little simpler, there is Mexican tres leche cake. This one has rum and cream in it.

  1. Try Tex-Mex for the holidays.

Want something good for the Cinco de Mayo fiesta? You can start with Tex-Mex guacamole. This is full of black beans, corn, scallions, and a taco seasoning. Or maybe you prefer the taco skillet. This has everything you love in a taco, except the tortillas. You may want to try a tamale pie. This has a cornbread crust, along with sour cream, creamed corn, garlic, cumin, chili powder, ground beef, and shredded cheese.

When you have a deep need for Tex-Mex Mattito’s has several locations in the greater Dallas area. One is sure to be near you. Visit us soon.

Celebrating the New Year in Mexico

Mexico is a country filled with people who love a party. Celebrating the New Year gives Mexico’s residents a good reason to celebrate in a big way.

Just as in the U.S., most celebrations take place the evening before, on New Year’s Eve.

Families decorate their homes in festive colors, with each color representing what the family hopes for in the coming year. Yellow connotes better employment conditions, and green is a sign the family wants to have a better financial situation. Red means family members want an overall improvement in their lives. White means improved health.


What do grapes have to do with celebrating the New Year in Mexico? Keep reading.

The family serves Mexican sweet bread that was baked earlier with a charm or coin hidden in the dough. The guest who receives a slice of the bread with the coin/charm is supposed to have good luck throughout the coming year.

A popular activity is to write a list of all of the unhappy or bad things that happened in the previous 12 months and, at midnight, throw the list into a fire. This symbolizes removing negative energy from one’s life as the New Year arrives.

Mexicans celebrate the New Year with a late dinner with friends and family. A traditional New Year’s Eve meal is pork loin or turkey. Once done eating, many families head outside to attend parties.

In the U.S., we count down the seconds right before midnight. In Mexico, people eat one grape at each of the last 12 seconds as the clock moves toward midnight, making a wish as they eat each one.

All Mattito’s locations close at 9 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and we’ll be closed all of New Year’s Day. If you’d like to celebrate early, stop by the Mattito’s closest to you and enjoy some great Tex Mex dishes to ring in the New Year!

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Thankful this Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for a number of things, but none more important than my family. Your family is, of course, an extension of yourself, and when you can’t help yourself, they are there to help you, as my family has done for me so many times.

When I have experienced difficulties at work, I knew that my family would be there. When I suffered an automobile accident, they came to assist me. When I was ill, they were there to provide comfort. When I felt that others were against me, I knew that I could turn to my family for peace and strength. This Thanksgiving, I will be able to share my thankfulness with members of my family at the same time I offer my thankfulness to them.

I am thankful for my career, which has blossomed over the years. I am fortunate that the education I received so many decades ago has not gone to waste, and that I am instead able to use the knowledge gained during those years of school to achieve and maintain a profitable career. Higher education can be costly, but what it offers in return will pay back the investment made many times over.
Finally, I am thankful for my health, which has been remarkably good over the years and will hopefully remain that way long into the future. Your health is part of you, and when it goes bad, it affects everything else in your life. I know others around me who have experienced serious illnesses, from which some never recovered. I owe my good health to the fact that I take care of myself by watching my diet and, of course, by not smoking.

Family, career and health. These are the things for which I will be giving thanks this Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this year?

Mattito’s: Your Fourth of July Party Location

The best party day of the summer is the Fourth of July, and the best party location is Mattito’s Tex-Mex restaurant. Nothing beats a full-on fiesta to celebrate your independence from work and your freedom to play. They have all the ingredients to make it one hot holiday.

Mattito’s has an award winning menu that includes such delicacies as Baja shrimp alambres and enchiladas de marisco in addition to delicious fajitas, tostadas, and tacos. They also have delicious breakfast items and desserts. It is Tex-Mex heaven and the perfect food paradise for a Fourth of July extravaganza. Drop by for lunch and stay through for dinner. Celebrate all day long with fabulous food, delicious drinks, and warm companionship.

Of course any real celebration requires drink specials, and Mattito’s will have plenty of those to set the party on fire. Want a private celebration? Special rooms are available, so you can celebrate with your own group of family and friends. Want to stay in? They offer catering deals that let them deliver the fun to you, including small dinner parties for groups under ten. No matter how you want to celebrate, they have the biggest holiday of the summer covered.

With locations in Dallas and Frisco, Mattito’s cuisine is available to many fans of Tex-Mex food. Plan your Fourth of July blow out now by contacting the fine staff at the nearest location and make reservations for your dinner, banquet, or other celebration. Then start the countdown to your Fourth of July fiesta.

Thanksgiving Alternatives

Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together and enjoy their time with each other. Unfortunately, there are some families who do not get to enjoy a “normal” Thanksgiving together. In today’s busy world, work may get in the way or scheduling conflicts arise. Even worse, a family may be torn apart from past arguments. For those families, they find alternative ways to enjoy the Holiday.

Some of the alternative ways families spend Thanksgiving together include going out to eat, seeing a movie, or spending the night playing games. Even though these families do not spend Thanksgiving together the normal way, they still spend quality time together, which is the real spirit of the Holidays.

If you are not spending Thanksgiving together with extended family this year, you should come out to Mattitos. We offer the finest Mexican foods with excellent customer service. We also offer a catering service, so we can bring the food to you this Thanksgiving.

Our buffet is lined with a variety of foods for you to enjoy. You can take your pick of any foods for a low price. What would be better, purchasing hundreds of pounds worth of food for your family to enjoy or having all you can eat for one low price?

There is no reason to spend Thanksgiving alone. Grab a couple friends and come out to Mattitos this year, and have a great time with great food and great friends. You only get one Thanksgiving a year, and we know how important it is to take time to remember all the things we are thankful for.

Cinco de Mayo!

Celebración! Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, is known to most people as the day that Mexico was freed. But to Texans, it is a celebratory holiday to enjoy Mexican cuisine, drinks, good people, and a great party!

What better place to have fun this upcoming Cinco de Mayo than at Mattito’s!

Cinco de Mayo will be properly celebrated at Mattito’s at 7778 Forest Lane; Mattito’s Frisco, located at 6129 Main Street; and the newest location in Las Colinas at 1001 MacArthur Park Drive. DJ music kicks -off the fiesta at 2:00 p.m. at each location, joined by a face painter and master magician Marty Westerman (Frisco location only). $4 margaritas and $3 beer are available 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., along with the award-winning Tex-Mex cuisine all night.

Beginning at 2:00 p.m. inside the restaurant and outdoor tent in the adjacent parking lot, the Mexican holiday is commemorated with mariachis, DJ music, mechanical bull rides and tequila tastings compliments of Corozon Tequila, games and prizes, and of course, drink specials and cuisine from the award-winning Tex-Mex menu. Celebrity D J Brandon Olds starts at 6:00 p.m. and  The Monco Poncho band takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. Adding to the excitement, Mattito’s will give away 1000 cap guns to attendees to blast off during the bands shows. The Routh Street location will host its Third Annual Bob Armstrong Queso Eating Contest at 8:15 p.m. as part of its Cinco de Mayo party.

Wanting to have a Cinco de Mayo party at home? Remember that Mattito’s caters! We will deliver and serve anywhere from 10 to 1,000 people. Just fill out a cater request form on our website or call your order in to one of our closest locations. Our catering services present a variety of food selections, and will even provide cutlery, decorations, and buffet tables. You provide the guests, we handle everything else.

For more information or to sign-up for the Third Annual Bob Armstrong Queso Eating Contest, call Mattito’s Uptown at (214) 526-8181, Mattito’s Forest Lane at (214) 377-9576, Mattito’s Frisco at (214) 872-3411, or Mattito’s Las Colinas at (214) 379-0165.

Soak up the Sun, and Tequila!

The summer heat has arrived and is in full swing even at the beginning of April! This heat brings a sense of familiarity, and that feeling is great patio weather. What better way to celebrate the sun? Come to Mattito’s Tex-Mex patio; the place to enjoy mouthwatering food and thirst-quenching beverages!

Mattito’s not only pride themselves on having legendary Tex-Mex cuisine, but also the ability to please their guests. Mattito’s has created festive patios full of bright colors, trees and lights. This atmosphere goes perfectly with friends, family, and of course, food and drinks!

Come relax in the sun or under the shade of the trees for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or Sunday brunch. Our Sunday brunch is offered from 10am-2pm. Our happy hour is Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm including $1 off margaritas, beer, wine and cocktails. What better way to end the work day with a frozen margarita in the warm sun?

Planning on having a party? Mattito’s offers inside banquet service for any special occasion. Instead of the patio, take the party inside and let the full-service treatment await you. The banquet rooms can hold from 20 to 200 guests. We hope to see you there!

Eating Healthy and Light at Mattito’s

Losing weight and staying in shape is important to a vast range of people. We here at Mattito’s understand how important it is to our guests. We are proud to announce that many of our dishes are, in fact, quite light and healthy to eat. Even our dishes that seem to be heavy in calories and food can actually be made healthy by a few simple decisions.

For example, our delicious fajitas are well known for featuring tender beef and chicken. Our rice, beans and guacamole are also second to none. However, we also have an option of cutting out the meat and including mixed vegetables instead. Get that fajita without sour cream to help cut out even more calories.

Our taco salad is also a well known and delicious choice for many of our patrons. It features seasoned beef or chicken, in a taco shell and lettuce, guacamole, cheese, refried beans, sour cream and fresh tomatoes. Again, simply ask for it without the meat and sour cream. In fact, take out the cheese and you have a delicious and healthy meal.

Basically, our menu items can be altered any way you like, giving you the opportunity to cut out the unhealthy items and to eat healthier and lighter. However, many of our signature elements, such as our refried beans and rice remain in the dishes, keeping them tasty and healthy. Wash it down with a glass of complimentary water instead of soda or tequila to keep your meal even lighter and healthier.

Mattito’s offers a party service for banquets designed to benefit a wide range of people and situations. Any type of party is perfect for our banquets , as it can sit up to 200 people. Keep your party guests healthy and happy with our lean and healthy dishes.


Nacho Typical Tex-Mex

At Mattitos, we have the best party scene around, and you might not even know about it! We offer party hosting, banquet service, party rooms, and all the food you need to host a wonderful fiesta for any occasion. You should come to use first to find that the best Tex-Mex and the best atmosphere are all in one place.

When you need to host banquets and don’t want the same boring food, you can call on Mattitos to come and cater a banquet that will be the greatest Mexican feast your guests have ever tasted. This is surely preferable to a pot luck or that green bean casserole you’ve had over and over.

If you don’t do banquets, but you need a place for a gathering, you can rent our private room for any occasion. We provide the room, the culture, atmosphere, and we offer the best food. Everything that you get comes right off the menu at Mattitos. When you want to enjoy your favorite dishes in the private room, you can ask us to make up your favorite for as many guests as you need. It’s the perfect solution for planning parties.

Come out today or contact us to find out how and when you can rent our private room, where we can bring our food to, and what dishes we can make for you. We offer the best in catering, service, excitement, and entertainment. there’s nothing like a good time with us, and we can show you how to have fun today!

Make your New Year’s Resolution- No Bad Mexican Food!

New Years resolutions can be hard to keep. We here at Mattito’s understand that we all want to lose those extra pounds, quit smoking, wake up earlier, get that promotion or any number of difficult and hard to manage resolutions. Is it any wonder that most resolutions fail? Why not make an easy resolution this year? Resolve to never eat bad Mexican food again. Instead, come to Mattito’s for your party banquets or drop by anytime.

We have some of the best, most deliciousTex-Mex food in the area. We specialize in creating tasty, authentic food that uses only the best ingredients and the tenderest meats. Our fajitas are legendary: they are packed with meat, beans, rice, guacamole and sour cream. Our nachos come piled high with the fixings, including beef, chicken, tomatoes, peppers, cheese, olives and sour cream.

Our drink selection will make sure you never go thirsty. Our fine Mexican sodas come straight from across the border and offer a unique experience for our patrons. Imagine drinking a peaches and cream soda with your shrimp tacos. We also serve a fine selection of liquor, including our high quality tequila. Make sure you never drink and drive while out! Always have a designated driver that hasn’t touched a drop of liquor. This helps avoid annoying car tickets and dangerous car crashes.

So, next time you have a New Years party and are considering different banquets, why not try our excellent services? Not only do we provide a place for your party and provide excellent, prompt, we’ll help you keep that resolution by serving you only the finest Mexican food. We’re jealous of each and everyone of our customers each time we serve them. After all, they get to eat our delicious food.

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