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Love Tex-Mex food and can’t get enough? You want to experience that great taste more often, but you’re just not sure how to do so? Read on to find out four simple things you can do to get more Tex-Mex cuisine in your life.

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Hurdles Every Menudo Lover Faces

For some, menudo is an acquired taste. A soup with cow stomach as one of the ingredients is not loved by everyone. But many others praise the taste, a mixture of garlic, onion, chile, hominy, and tripe. It has a zesty flavor.

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If you are a menudo lover, and you want friends or relatives to experience the unique taste, you may have to do a little persuading. But letting them smell the aroma and take a spoonful should go a long way toward overcoming their reluctance to eat it. Read the rest of this entry »

Unleash Your Inner Tex Mex

Tex-Mex cooking comes from a rich Spanish and Native American tradition.

Before Texas became part of the United States, Native Americans lived there for thousands of years, and after that, it was inhabited by the Spanish. In fact, the area was called New Spain. Even after Mexico became independent, it had strong ties with Texas.

It is this rich and varied history that helped to create the kind of food we call Tex-Mex today. The word Tex-Mex actually began as a term to describe the Texas and Mexican Railroad. Then Tex-Mex came to describe the people of Mexican ancestry living in Texas. They were also known as Tejaños. And the name also came to describe the kind of food they made as well.

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If Tarzan Ate Tex Mex

Tarzan is a character known to almost everyone, an iconic comic book hero. And one of the most famous actors to ever play Tarzan in the movies was the champion swimmer Johnny Weissmuller. Today, June 2, is the anniversary of happens to be Weissmuller’s birth. In honor of this most famous of Tarzans, we are featuring in this article veggie Tex-Mex dishes, because everyone knows that Tarzan was raised by apes, which are well known for their plant-based diets.

Dallas Tex Mex restaurant

Weissmuller himself also advocated natural lifestyles and even opened a chain of health food stores. Read the rest of this entry »

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