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Avoid These Tex Mex Cooking Mistakes

When it comes to cooking Tex Mex dishes, it’s fairly hard to make a mistake. Still, errors do happen and so we’ve put together a short list of mistakes home cooks make when they decide to serve their family and friends Tex Mex dishes.

Tex Mex food

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3 Margarita Recipes

Many “origin” stories circulate regarding how the margarita was invented and who did the inventing. Bottom line, the drink arguably is the most popular Tex Mex drink.


That said, we’ve decided to offer your three terrific recipes for different margaritas. We hope you – and your guests – enjoy them!

We’ll start with a traditional margarita recipe, courtesy of

classic margarita recipe

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Quick Tips to Help You Find a Great Tex Mex Restaurant

Whether you’re new to an area or just visiting from out of town, when you want great Tex Mex food you’re at a bit of a disadvantage because you don’t know whether a restaurant is good or not. It may say it’s great in its advertising, but how can you know if it what it says is true?

We’ve put together a short list of tips to help you find a really good Tex Mex restaurant, wherever you may be.

Dallas Tex Mex restaurant

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Trends in Tex Mex Cuisine

It’s generally hard to predict the future, but when it comes to Tex Mex cuisine, you can count on this today: it’s going to become ever more popular. (Orders for steak fajitas, in fact, increased by 30 percent on “March Madness” basketball game days in 2015.)

But what’s going on within Tex Mex cuisine itself? Take a look below for some trends we’ve discovered.

  1. People want to know where a Tex Mex dish “came from.”

While Tex Mex itself is a cuisine that came to the U.S. from Tejanos who emigrated from northern Mexico to Texas in the last couple of centuries, many Mexican/Tex Mex restaurants are now highlighting the province or state where a dish originally came from. This is supposed to make the dish more exotic (or at least interesting) to the diners.

Dallas Tex Mex restaurant

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