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Common Misconceptions and Myths About Tex Mex Food

When you think of Tex Mex food – or even Mexican food – do you think only of beans, tacos and fajitas?

Then your knowledge of Tex Mex/Mexican cuisine has some holes in it.

Read below for some common misconceptions or even myths about Mexican/Tex Mex foods.

Tex Mex Food Myths

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Difference Between Tex Mex and Cal Mex Cuisines

The Tex Mex food you love here in Texas is known as Cal Mex.

 Cal Mex Cuisine  Tex Mex Cuisine

Cal Mex cuisine is very similar to the Tex Mex dishes prepared here in Texas. A few (minor) differences include:

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The Benefits of Eating Tex Mex Food

Eating Tex Mex cuisine has many benefits, most of which are related to our physical health. Some though, have nothing to do with eating and everything with our emotional wellness.

 Eat Tex Mex with friends

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Back to Tex Mex Basics

Tex Mex cuisine is becoming so popular today that it’s easy to find complicated recipes for Tex Mex dishes. Or to find recipes for a recipes that are a fusion – if you will – of the best of Tex Mex and another type of cuisine.

But let’s get back to basics! Read below for two quick and easy Tex Mex recipes.

Carne Asada

July1_Carne_Asada (1)

Grilling carne asada.

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