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Making the Perfect Fajita

Fajitas are not traditional Mexican food – they’re a modern creation, a delicious modern creation.

Served sizzling hot, these dishes actually can be healthy (so long as you use a lean cut of beef).


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When it comes to your Fourth of July party, you want things simple. After all, you’ll probably be outdoors, it probably will be Texas hot (and that’s HOT!), and you may be by the pool and will want to enjoy lazing in it yourself.

In fact, just because you’re the party host or hostess doesn’t mean you have to work to make sure your guests have fun: you want to enjoy Independence Day, too.


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If you want to start your children out on the right foot when it comes to making Tex Mex dishes at home, look no further than the wonderful quesadilla.

This dish is the perfect Tex Mex dish to make with our kids or grandkids.

Take a look below for an easy-to-create yet very healthy (lots of vegetables and chicken in this quesadilla) recipe for the cheese-and-flour-tortilla mainstay.


Add even more vegetables to this chicken quesadilla, and you have a very healthy and filling meal. Read the rest of this entry »

5 of Our Favorite Tex Mex Food Blogs

We love our blog. It’s nice to write about Tex Mex food, offer recipes, give our readers a bit of Tex Mex history, and talk about how Tex Mex cuisine has evolved.

As much as we love our blog, also have some favorite blogs of our own.


Read below for four of our favorite Tex Mex food blogs (and one on Mexican food). Read the rest of this entry »

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