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Your Easter Supper Done Tex Mex Style

If you’re wondering what to cook for Easter dinner, you may decide to go the traditional route and serve a delicious ham (yum!).

But why not break from tradition and – especially because you live in Texas – serve an Easter supper that has some Tex Mex/southwestern cuisine roots?

For example, the ham. Why not make a ham with a chipotle-pineapple glaze? The glaze makes the ham smoky and spicy; the chipotle peppers with their seeds see to that. (To keep the glaze mild, remove the seeds from the peppers.


Easter supper just isn’t Easter supper without ham as the main dish.

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Easter Celebrations in Mexico

Easter in Mexico is one of the most important religious holidays of the year; many consider it to be more important than Christmas because Easter is considered such within the Catholic faith. Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geographia (INEGI) reports that almost 90 percent of Mexican practice Catholicism. Hence, Easter’s importance within the country.

The week leading up to Easter Sunday is known in Mexico as Semana Santa (Holy Week), which starts on Palm Sunday (known as Domingo de Ramos) to Easter Sunday (Domingo de Pascua). However, many school children have two weeks off during this time, so both the week before and the week after often are said to make up the Semana Santa holiday celebrations.

This two-week break often makes up a Spring Break for residents of Mexico. Like many Americans celebrating their own Spring Break, many Mexicans head to the beach at this time, so be prepared if you find yourself heading to the country’s gorgeous beaches the weeks before and after Easter.


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Menudo Done Right

Have you heard that menudo is, well, disgusting? Not tasty? Just plain ugh!?

If so, then you haven’t had menudo done right, because when menudo is cooked and made correctly – OMG! It’s heaven on earth.

We kid you not.

For the uninitiated, menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made primarily of – are you ready? – a cow stomach (tripe) broth that has red chili peppers as its base. The soup also includes chopped onions, lime and chopped cilantro. Crushed oregano and red chili peppers also often make their way into menudo. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Break Tex Mex Party Ideas

There’s little that says Fiesta! louder than a party to herald Spring Break.

And there’s little that says Fiesta! louder than a Spring Break party with Tex Mex food.

As spring approaches, so do Spring Breakers. Whether you’re heading out of town to go to your favorite Spring Break destination (or leaving town because you live in a favorite Spring Break destination), or if you’d just like to have a party to celebrate the arrival of spring (“Hello, Outdoors! I’ve missed you!”), why not throw a great Tex Mex party to celebrate the arrival of the spring equinox?


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