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Spanish Cuisine’s Influence on Tex Mex Food

That Tex Mex dish you enjoy so much at Mattito’s? You can thank Spain – partly – for it!

Tex Mex food actually comes to us from Mexico, but it wouldn’t be the food we love today without some influence from Spain.

How? Spain colonized Mexico through the early 1500s to 1821. Naturally, Spaniards brought their culture’s foods with them, influencing the cuisine of Mexico (while also being influenced by Mexico’s food).


Tex Mex cuisine comes to us, in part, from the days of Spanish control over Mexico.

The foods that would become known as Tex Mex, actually come from the Tejanos, who are Texans of Mexican descent. Tex Mex cuisine is a melding of native Spanish and Mexican foods.

Tex Mex food in the South Texas region of the state hasn’t changed much, having always been influenced by the foods found in Mexico’s northern states.

The cuisine started taking on a more Americanized flavor in the 1900s as it added more ingredients such as cheese and used meat as a main ingredient rather than as a side dish. reports that the first known usage of the term “Tex Mex” in reference to the cuisine was found in a 1963 article in New York Times Magazine. The terminology really took off, Wikipedia reports, when the well-known – and influential – food author Diana Kennedy discussed the difference between true Mexican food and Americanized Mexican food in her book (1972), The Cuisines of Mexico.

When the need strikes for great Tex Mex food – and believe us, we know how strong that need for a great taco, fajita, enchilada, burrito, or margarita can be when it strikes – get yourself over to the Mattito’s location nearest you for some delicious Tex Mex cuisine. Contact us today!

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How Tex Mex Food Can Blast Away the Mid-Winter Blues

While winter here in Texas doesn’t get as cold as it does in Minnesota or Massachusetts, it can ice up on some winter days in some parts of the Lone Star State.

Regardless, it does get darker earlier in the winter months than in the heady days of summer. It often is more cloudy/gloomy.

Also, when it’s dark at 5 p.m. and doesn’t become fully light until 7:30 a.m. in mid-January, it’s very easy for Texans to succumb to the mid-winter blues, too.


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How Tex Mex Differs from Traditional Mexican Food

Tex Mex food often is used to describe Mexican food in restaurants today.

But real Mexican food – that which is found in Mexico – is quite a bit different from the cuisine we refer to as Tex Mex.

The food we serve here at Mattito’s, got its start from the Tejano culture that’s so vibrant here in Texas. (Tejanos are people of Mexican or even Spanish heritage who lived in Texas before it became a republic). Immigrants from northern Mexico also played a big role in the emergence of Tex Mex food.

Most people referred to the cuisine simply as Mexican food until about the 1970s, when the term Tex Mex rose in Texas to distinguish American “Mexican” cuisine from the cuisine eaten in Mexico.


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How Mexico Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a U.S. day of celebrating romance; residents of Mexico also celebrate the day in a big way.

Celebrated on February 14, the day (known as Dia de San Valentin and El Dia del Amor y la Amistad, “the day of love and friendship), is celebrated similarly as it is here in the U.S., with friends and lovers sending each other candy and flowers.

But there are some things done a bit differently on Valentine’s Day in Mexico. Read the rest of this entry »

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