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4 Reasons You Should Eat More Tex Mex Food in 2015

Most people make New Year’s resolutions that have them giving something up. They resolve to quit smoking. They promise themselves they won’t eat so much (they will diet). They say they intend to sit around less and instead exercise more.

Here at Mattito’s, we think you should do morein 2015. As in, we feel you should eat more Tex Mex cuisine in the coming year.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. It’s delicious. Tex Mex food is full of meats, fish, beans, vegetables, cheese, sauces, and spices. In fact, it’s those spices – from the very mild to the muy caliente – that bring out the flavor in the vegetables and the meats, making Tex Mex dishes a feast for your taste buds.


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Celebrating the New Year in Mexico

Mexico is a country filled with people who love a party. Celebrating the New Year gives Mexico’s residents a good reason to celebrate in a big way.

Just as in the U.S., most celebrations take place the evening before, on New Year’s Eve.

Families decorate their homes in festive colors, with each color representing what the family hopes for in the coming year. Yellow connotes better employment conditions, and green is a sign the family wants to have a better financial situation. Red means family members want an overall improvement in their lives. White means improved health.


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Christmas Dinner as Done in Mexico

Christmas Eve tends to be the day in Mexican homes when it comes to Christmas, as it’s on Christmas Eve when the primary holiday celebrations take place.

Noche Buena is heralded with the ringing of church bells, fireworks and blowing whistles. Once the final Posada ends, celebrants go to churches and attend what is known as the Mass of the Rooster (Misa de Gallo).

After mass, everyone heads home for the traditional Christmas Eve feast, which includes tamales, chiles rellenos, rice, menudo, and possibly turkey or roast pig. Diners also feast on hot fruit or cider punch. Alcoholic beverages might include spirits such as rompope, an eggnog-like drink which often includes rum as a main ingredient.


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Typical Foods Served During the Christmas Season in Mexico

Let’s say you’re heading to Mexico and will be there over the Christmas holidays.

Let’s further say that you won’t be staying in a hotel or renting a home/apartment, but instead will be staying with a Mexican family.

What kinds of food might you expect to eat during the holiday season?


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