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Easy-to-Make Tex Mex Dishes

Tex Mex food generally is very easy to make. At perhaps its simplest, put some ground beef, chopped lettuce and cut up tomatoes in a hard or soft tortilla and you have a great hard or soft taco!

If you want something different, it won’t take all that much more effort to make another tpe of Tex Mex dish.

We do recommend that you invest in some chile powder spices, as well as cumin, paprika and cinnamon.

You’ll also need dried or canned beans and these should include black, pinto and kidney beans.

  • A super-easy dish to make is carnitas (pulled pork). Sear some pork butt and then let the meat simmer in the oven in a spicy stock of your choice for about four hours. Then add it your tacos, quesadillas, burritos, whatever you choose!
  • Chile con carne is just a mix of kidney beans, spices, tomatoes, and ground beef. Cook in one pot. That’s it: done!
  • No Tex Mex dish is worthy of the name without a condiment known as pico de gallo. This zesty addition to your Tex Mex meals is just tomatoes that have been marinated in garlic, jalapenos and lime juice. Add pico de gallo to your tacos, fajitas, just about Tex Mex meal for some real added zest.


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Eat Mexican Food and LOSE Weight

Mexican food has a reputation of adding to weight gain.

That reputation is correct, if you pile on the fatty meats, cheeses, sauces, and eat lots of chips and guacamole.

But Mexican food can actually help you lose weight.

Read below for tips on how to lose weight by eating Mexican food.

  • As hinted at above, watch the amount of melted cheese drizzled on your dishes, go easy on the sauces and don’t eat chips and guacamole (well, eat a little: no one should have to give up chips and guacamole completely).
  • Salsa actually is OK; regular salsa is pretty much tomatoes and spices and tomatoes have very few calories.
  • But, seriously, go easy on the chips. They are made of corn and are thus very starchy (full of carbs) and are also fried, adding a lot of bad fat to your meal.
  • Skip the refried beans. They taste great for a reason: they’re cooked with lard or bacon grease and they’re sometimes smothered in cheese. Opt for black beans instead; these are very healthy and tasty – and come packed with far fewer calories as well as fat and carb grams.
  • Skip – or limit – any and all dips made of any sauce other than regular salsa. This includes guacamole and dips made of cheese.


As much as we love guacamole, guacamole doesn’t love our waist line. Skip the dip and keep calories low.

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4 Ways to Make a Taco

Making a taco is easy, you just put in ground or shredded beef, top it with some shredded lettuce in a hard corn tortilla, add some cut up tomatoes and perhaps some salsa and you’re done!

Wait a minute!

Tacos can be as simple or as creative as the cooks who make them.

Read below for some of our four different ways to make a taco.

  1. Make the traditional taco as described above. Try using two tortillas per taco (helps keep the taco’s contents from spilling should the shell break) and add an onion relish with cilantro and lime juice. You also could try a pico de gallo salsa. As for your meat, you can choose from grilled beef, carnitas (pork), fish, or shrimp. If you want a real Mexican taco, you can add meat cuts such as tongue, brains, cheeks, or lips.


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Mexican Food Ideas for Your 4th of July Party

The fourth of July celebrates the day 56 men – who would have been hung as traitors if the Revolutionary War had ended differently; signing took incredible bravery! – placed their signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

So why not celebrate the United States’ Independence Day with food typically served at a party that celebrates another day of independence: September 16, the day that celebrates the start of the 10-year Mexican War of Independence and Mexico’s own eventual freedom from the rule of Spain. (September 16 is celebrated in Mexico as Mexican Independence Day).

So instead of red, white and blue, consider bringing out the red, white and green.


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