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Fun Facts About Mexican Food

Tex Mex and Mexican food didn’t just appear. Each has a history. Each has a story.

Each has facts.

Read below for some of our favorite fun facts about Mexican food.

  • Some traditional Mexican food recipes call for ingredients such as iguana and rattlesnake!
  • Mexican food today actually has a rich history – many of Mexico’s more traditional recipes hail from the Aztecs and Mayans.
  • You can thank Spaniards somewhat for the Mexican food we know today; the traditional Indian foods (inherited from the aforementioned Mayan and Aztec recipes) were changed as the Spanish colonized Mexico, bringing their own cooking ideas, methods and ingredients.
  • Authentic Mexican food is actually quite healthy: it’s high in vitamins and minerals and low in fat. Many people consider it the perfect blend of the important food groups: meat, dairy, grains, and vegetables.
  • Traditional Mexican food includes all parts of the cow’s meat: the udder, stomach, tongue, even the uterus and testicles.

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Things Only a Texan Would Understand

Living in Texas changes you. If you come from another state, you’ll soon enough wonder why you ever thought paying a state income tax was no big deal (there’s no state income tax in Texas).

Read below for a few more things Texans know that residents of other states don’t.

  • Texas is not all desert and chaparral. The Big Thicket National Preserve, as just one example, is located in Southwest Texas and is one of the most bio-diverse areas on the entire planet, except for the tropics. In fact, so diverse is the Big Thicket that it was named a national preserve in 1974 to protect the many animals and plants within it. Sometimes called the “American Ark,” the Big Thicket holds more than 100 species of trees and shrubs. According to the U.S. National Park Service, the area is home to more than 1,000 species of ferns and flowering plants.
  • You know that everyone in the U.S. and even the world absolutely knows where Texas is. They may not be able to pick out Michigan from Minnesota, but even blindfolded everyone knows exactly where Texas is!



No matter where you live on Earth – England, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Kenya – you know what this is.

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Fun Mexican Dishes to Serve at Your Wedding

June is the month for weddings. reports that June, August, September, and October are the most popular months for marriages.

So whether you’re getting married this month, in August or in the fall, Mattito’s offers some fun Mexican dishes you may want to consider serving at your wedding reception.

Get the party started off in a very festive way by serving guests chips and guacamole and…margaritas! You also could serve a Mexican-style beer known as michelada. This is a beer that’s mixed with lots of spices and either lime or tomato juice.

Offer tacos as the main entrée. You don’t need to just offer ground beef tacos, you could offer meats such as carne aside, carnitas or even nopales for vegetarian guests. (A nopale a filling made from the meat of a prickly pear – all spines removed, of course!)


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Let Matitto’s Cater Your Graduation Party

When it comes to celebrations, nothing says let’s make merry like the Spanish word fiesta.

Fiesta means an event that includes festivities and celebration, so when reveling in the high school or college graduation of your son, daughter or even spouse, consider putting together a graduation fiesta with the help of Mattito’s catering services.


Celebrate your graduate’s big day with a Mexican fiesta catered by Matitto’s.

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