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The Americanization of Mexican Food

Take a look down just about any main thoroughfare in any American town and you’re bound to see at least one Mexican restaurant.

From Alaska to Maine, from North Dakota to Louisiana, Mexican food is embraced by just about every person who lives in the U.S.

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But a lot of what we eat isn’t true Mexican food, at least not as it is served in Mexico. Read below to learn more about how Mexican food has been modified to cater to American palates.

  • Fajitas don’t exist in Mexico! In fact, they didn’t even exist in the U.S. until the 1960s. Fajitas are named for the cut of meat (skirt steak) used when making the dish. Those who created the fajita thought “fajita” would be easier to say than the actual Spanish word for skirt steak: Arrachera.
  • American Mexican food has gobs – and we mean gobs – more cheese on dishes than the food eaten in Mexico. Mexican dishes served in Mexico use cheese as an ingredient, not a topping.
  • Fruit-flavored margaritas are not a true Mexican creation. Yes, the margarita hales from Mexico – but we’re talking about a drink made of lime and tequila and maybe a bit of sweetener. But when it’s served in a bowl-sized glass and blended with a lot of fruit, you’re looking at an Americanized margarita.
  • Combination platters are a U.S. construct. Mexicans eat tacos or they eat a chile relleno. They don’t combine them.

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What is Tex-Mex Food?

Tex-Mex food is a blend of Anglo (American) food combined with Spanish/Mexican recipes.

Tex-Mex as a word or term first appeared in print in dictionaries in the 1940s, which means it was probably used by people for several years before. What is now known as Tex-Mex cuisine has been around for hundreds of years.

The first Tex-Mex restaurants appeared in Southwest cities with large populations of residents of Mexican descent or heritage. The Tex-Mex “fad” began in the 1970s by appealing to a younger generation eager to eat was touted as up-to-the-minute and trendy.

Diana Kennedy, a renowned food authority of the day, published The Cuisines of Mexico in 1972, letting readers know that what many Americans called “Mexican” food wasn’t real Mexican food. She called this Americanized cuisine “Tex-Mex.” Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy Mexican Food Choices

Mexican food in Texas isn’t known for its healthy attributes. Most people think of cheese, refried beans and more cheese when they think of Mexican cuisine.

While plenty of Mexican food can be laden in saturated fat, sodium and calories, Mexican cuisine can make for some very healthy eating. The secret is making the right dish choices.

Read below for some terrific, delicious and healthy Mexican meal options.

  • Don’t order the rice; order steamed vegetables.  Mexican food always comes with vegetables, you only have to ask that they be steamed up for you. Order up a side dish of steamed tomatoes, red and/or green peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans, and more.
  • Opt for black beans or pinto beans rather than refried beans.
  • Instead of meat-filled or bean-filled burritos, tacos or tamales, ask that they be filled with vegetables, black or pinto beans or even tofu. Skinless chicken also is a good choice to add some protein to your meal.

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St. Patrick’s Day at Mattitos

At Mattitos, we offer something special for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The holiday means “green” and good luck, so a number of our dishes have that covered. Our mission is to create a unique Mexican dining experience for all occasions, and our award-winning catering team can put together a top-notch menu for any St. Patrick’s Day party.

With an emphasis on green colors, we’ll put together a festive selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts. Diner favorites include beef and chicken fajitas with cilantro and avocado, tortilla chips with salsa verde, and chicken flautas with Spanish rice and avocado. Whether it’s a small family get-together or a large corporate event, we take care of all the catering needs, including set-up, service and clean-up. For our catering events, we also take care of the decorations and any special menu requests for the occasion. Read the rest of this entry »

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