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Frosty Margaritas For Fall

The changing of the seasons is a great time to sit down with some old friends and some new frosty margaritas. Legend has it that margaritas were invented in the fall. Of course the idea of a cool refreshing drink was first thought of during the blistering heat of summer, but it took the entire summer to conduct endless hours of liquid research and flavor development. It was during the fall season that margaritas were finally perfected. That’s why so many of the drinks from the Dallas Tex-mex scene are the color of a nice autumn sunset. Next time you’re enjoying one at dusk, try holding your glass up to the fading light. You’ll see the connection almost immediately.
Our beverages are just one part of our contribution to Mexican Food in Dallas. We also have an excellent catering team that lets us bring our authentic freshness to you! These fall months are the perfect time to enjoy our fresh Mexican cuisine at your parties and events. We’ve always believed that the Dallas Tex-mex experience is made even better by enjoying it with plenty of friends. Next time you’re planning a party with Mexican Food in Dallas, why not try scheduling one of our party rooms? Reserving one of our party rooms means you don’t have to do any dishes, and don’t worry about parking because we’ve got plenty of spaces. Think of us the next time you’re enjoying a frosty, cool drink as the sun goes down near the warm Texas horizon.

You Know You Love Tacos!

Crunch, munch, ooh, aah, and spice your way through a corporate meeting or a family reunion with award winning Dallas Mexican food. Celebrate a birthday or All Hallows Eve with a soft shell and cold drink, and party the night away in Dallas. Every celebration deserves a taco, and Mattito’s knows how to throw a party!

We help you plan a party everyone will love. Rent our party room, and invite two to 200 friends for a celebration any day. Bite into a crunchy taco shell, and taste slow cooked beef, chicken, pork, or fish topped with smooth guacamole, rich cheese, creamy sour cream, bright tomatoes, or spicy re-fried beans. Can you taste the flavor yet? Your friends and family will thank you for choosing Mattito’s, the party destination, when they chase our tasty food with a sparkling lime margarita or strawberry daiquiri. Mix and match flavors until the party’s over.

Whether you need a catered party for ten or over 1,000, our catering team provides class and Dallas Mexican food to your celebration. We guarantee you will love our variety of authentic food, our margarita machine (non-alcoholic for your little ninos), and other refreshing drinks. Ring in the New Year, honor Cinco de Mayo, or celebrate a wedding with food from Mattito’s!

Every celebration begins and ends well at Mattito’s. Savor a taco, unleash a drink, and party with friends any time in our party room or at your catered location. Want to celebrate but did not organize a group? Come on in, join our enthusiastic servers and dedicated cooks, and be our guest! Every meal is a party at Mattito’s in Dallas.

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